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Free Delivery within Klang Valley for Purchase More Than RM120

Home Usage

• Ideal for individuals or small households.

• Deliver to your doorstep on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Office Usage

• Ideal for commercials & retails.

• Daily delivery schedule & bulk purchase pricing.


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Satisfied Stories

Husband kata sedap, baru sampai tadi. Courier dia pun bagus, call kata dah sampai tak terus menghilang macamtu je. Alhamdulillah, boleh repeat lagi. Barang sampai dalam keadaan kotak masih cantik dan sempurna. Terima kasih seller.


2024-02-09 21:13:00

Thank you seller, received item with good condition. Very fast delivery. Good quality and the price also cheaper compared to other seller. Very satisfied with the product and i’ll repeat again soon with this seller. Thumbs up and highly recommended this seller. Best purchase!! gam-sa-ham-ni-da.


2023-12-02 02:14:00

Monthly order. Service never fails. Fast delivery. New design packaging but taste remain the same. Customer service will inform before delivery is arrived. Thanks seller. Keep it up!


2023-11-19 03:49:00

Excellent service!!! delivery terus ke depan pintu rumah even duduk rumah condo. amik masa dalam 3/4 hari utk sampai. so convenient utk org yg tinggal rumah tinggi2 . takyah penat2 dah angkut air banyak2 naik ke rumah


2023-08-01 22:34:00